Protecting Mortgage Note Values

30 07, 2019

How to Increase the Value of Your Mortgage Note


If you’re reading this, then that likely means you’re considering selling your mortgage note for any number of reasons. If you are like a lot of people, you may be tired of collecting monthly payments over time and would prefer a lump sum of cash…today. Unfortunately, many mortgage note sellers receive low offers from investors. Leaving them (and you) stuck between a rock and a hard place. Why the low offers? Because, oftentimes, the note [...]

How to Increase the Value of Your Mortgage Note2019-07-30T11:04:10-06:00
27 02, 2019

How to Keep Your Real Estate Note Healthy


No one enjoys being sick. It's not fun and life just becomes harder. The same goes for an unhealthy real estate note. Luckily, your real estate note isn't susceptible to colds or flu. In fact, keeping your seller-financed note in good health is mostly within your power. So, here are a few tips to… Keeping Your Real Estate Note Healthy While it's important to set-up a note for success from the very start with a [...]

How to Keep Your Real Estate Note Healthy2019-03-05T13:55:38-06:00
21 12, 2018

2019 Financing Tips for Sellers


As the calendar changes to another year, the dates may change, but the cycle of the real estate market always seems the same. The ebb and flow of housing sales seems to go from abundance mode to scarcity mode. The same is true for the availability of traditional bank loans as well as seller carry-back notes. Seller financing is always a solid strategy and, some years, due to economic conditions, is an essential tool for [...]

2019 Financing Tips for Sellers2019-01-02T08:28:56-06:00
26 09, 2018

Understanding Note Performance – Performing vs Non-Performing Notes


Not all mortgage notes are created equal. With so many different factors going into the value of seller-financed mortgage notes, it's no wonder some are worth more than others. One of the most significant value indicators? Note performance. Payment Histories Indicate Note Performance By now, you know that payment histories (especially verifiable payments) significantly increase the value of a mortgage note. In addition to you receiving monthly income, it also gives your buyer - and the [...]

Understanding Note Performance – Performing vs Non-Performing Notes2018-09-26T13:23:46-06:00
31 05, 2018

5 Reasons to Sell Your Mortgage Note Now


We hear lots of reasons why people sell their note and put a lump sum of cash in the bank. In reality, it tends to come down to two things: a need or a want. Needs range from paying back taxes, getting rid of high interest credit card debt, or medical expenses piling up. Wants range from a family vacation, college tuition, or finally getting that dream car. Those items aside, here are the top [...]

5 Reasons to Sell Your Mortgage Note Now2018-07-17T14:32:55-06:00
2 02, 2018

Note Seasoning and Verifiable Payments


Here is something you might not have thought of…There’s not just one single item that determines the value of your real estate note. It's actually a combination of multiple variables including payment terms, interest rate, equity, property type, the buyer’s credit, and note seasoning. That last one, note seasoning, might sound a little cryptic, but really breaks down to being one of the biggest potential performance indicators. What is Note Seasoning? In note [...]

Note Seasoning and Verifiable Payments2018-06-04T10:58:06-06:00
21 03, 2016

Safekeeping the Original Mortgage Note


Can you easily locate the original mortgage note? This important legal document should be kept in a safe place, and here is why! The promissory note is a promise to pay or IOU from the property buyer. It spells out the amount due and terms of repayment. In legal jargon it is known as a negotiable instrument. Similar to a check, the original must be presented to collect or prove ownership. If the [...]

Safekeeping the Original Mortgage Note2018-06-04T11:10:29-06:00
17 03, 2016

Payment Histories Increase Note Values


Want top dollar when selling mortgage notes? Increase the value with payment histories! Keeping an accurate record of the payments received on a mortgage note is essential for knowing how much the buyer still owes.  This also establishes a record of their payment habits - with an added benefit. The value of a note can be improved by presenting note buyers a verifiable payment history! There are two main ways to keep track [...]

Payment Histories Increase Note Values2018-06-04T11:16:35-06:00
17 03, 2016

Protect Your Mortgage Note With Current Taxes and Insurance


A buyer failing to make payments on the mortgage note isn't your only worry. Understandably, a buyer that stops making payments is a major concern when using owner financing. After all, a seller-financed note is a very valuable asset. Unfortunately many sellers fail to protect their asset when it comes to another area...verifying current property insurance and taxes. Next to delinquent payments, the most common default by buyers is failure to keep the [...]

Protect Your Mortgage Note With Current Taxes and Insurance2018-06-04T11:18:33-06:00
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