We hear lots of reasons why people sell their note and put a lump sum of cash in the bank.

In reality, it tends to come down to two things: a need or a want.

Needs range from paying back taxes, getting rid of high interest credit card debt, or medical expenses piling up.

Wants range from a family vacation, college tuition, or finally getting that dream car.

Those items aside, here are the top five reasons to seriously consider selling your note for cash today.

1. The Housing Market is High

We have been there before haven’t we? You really don’t need a crystal ball to predict what is going to eventually happen.

Whether you want to call it a “crash” or a “correction,” the bottom line is that it can affect your pocket book if your payor becomes upside down in the property and ends up owing more on the note than the property is worth.

2. Interest Rates Are Low

We have had a long run of banks lending money again. And buyers have been taking advantage of low rates.

Meaning, at this stage of the game, you most likely should have had a cash buyer or one that qualified for a bank loan. At the very least, if you charged a good interest rate, your payor should have seriously considered refinancing.

It could be time to cash out and keep your money.

3. Stability

Let’s face it, the world is moving at a much quicker pace than it used to. The stock market moves the second a politician says something. Trade wars could go in our favor…or not.

All this turmoil makes for a lot variables that don’t work in your favor. Don’t get us wrong…it could go very much in your favor…but it is a great unknown.

The question to ask yourself is would you rather roll the dice on the future economy, or ‘cash out’ and budget based on what you know you have?

4. Seize the Day

The future is no place to place your better days. Maybe it is finally time to go on that trip to Europe, on a Caribbean cruise, remodel the house, or simply take a quiet family vacation on the lake.

Whatever you have been putting off for the future, maybe the future is now.

5. Re-Align Your Goals

It is possible that you never really wanted to carry back a note in the first place, or it didn’t quite work out the way you hoped.

You don’t owe anybody any reasons for the change. We get it. Life happens. Situations change.

No matter what your reason for selling your note, we are here to help with a No Obligation Quote on what the fair market value of your note is today.