Seller Financing Tips

30 03, 2020

Balloon Payments and Seller Financing


Sellers offer owner financing for a multitude of reasons. For some, it is a way to sell their property in a tight market or get top dollar by offering to forgo traditional bank financing requirements. For other sellers, it is the attractiveness of receiving a great return. Let's face it if you don't have an immediate need for the cash, why take a lump sum lowball offer when you can tie the property sale [...]

Balloon Payments and Seller Financing2020-03-30T12:13:58-06:00
24 02, 2020

Compounding Interest and Note Investing


We've previously written articles about the joys of passive income and how note investing gives you the cash flow without having the responsibility of playing the landlord. One of the reasons for this is a little thing called compounding interest. But, in many cases, it’s not so little. In fact, compound interest makes your investments grow and grow and grow... Especially when it comes to compounding interest and note investing. First off, “What is Compounding [...]

Compounding Interest and Note Investing2020-02-24T12:47:06-06:00
29 01, 2020

Understanding the 5 C’s of Credit and Homeownership


It should be of no surprise that most individuals (or couples) cannot purchase a home outright. Because of this, many rely on their past credit history, using it as a promise that they are "good for their money" when obtaining a loan. When someone is looking for a loan banks and financial institutions look at the following items to determine if the buyer is low-risk. The 5 C's of Credit 1. Character In regards to [...]

Understanding the 5 C’s of Credit and Homeownership2020-01-29T14:11:53-06:00
30 09, 2019

Mortgages vs. Promissory Notes


When purchasing real estate with financing, you typically need to sign two specific documents to borrow money: a mortgage and a promissory note. In some states it is a deed of trust and a promissory note. For note investors and new homeowners, understanding the difference between the two documents can sometimes be challenging. Let's take a look at mortgages vs. promissory notes to provide a better understanding. Mortgages Vs. Promissory Notes: What's the Difference? Promissory [...]

Mortgages vs. Promissory Notes2019-09-30T15:10:35-06:00
26 06, 2019

Common Note Buying Terms


New to investing in real estate notes or wanting to sell your note? Don't get stuck on the language. To help you make sense of the real estate note world, we have compiled a list of common note buying terms. While there is more to investing than knowing the language, it's a significant first step and will help you focus on if the investment is right for you. Common Note Buying Terms While not a [...]

Common Note Buying Terms2019-06-26T09:17:46-06:00
27 02, 2019

How to Keep Your Real Estate Note Healthy


No one enjoys being sick. It's not fun and life just becomes harder. The same goes for an unhealthy real estate note. Luckily, your real estate note isn't susceptible to colds or flu. In fact, keeping your seller-financed note in good health is mostly within your power. So, here are a few tips to… Keeping Your Real Estate Note Healthy While it's important to set-up a note for success from the very start with a [...]

How to Keep Your Real Estate Note Healthy2019-03-05T13:55:38-06:00
21 12, 2018

2019 Financing Tips for Sellers


As the calendar changes to another year, the dates may change, but the cycle of the real estate market always seems the same. The ebb and flow of housing sales seems to go from abundance mode to scarcity mode. The same is true for the availability of traditional bank loans as well as seller carry-back notes. Seller financing is always a solid strategy and, some years, due to economic conditions, is an essential tool for [...]

2019 Financing Tips for Sellers2019-01-02T08:28:56-06:00
24 10, 2018

Is Seller Financing Right for You?


In today’s age, myths run wild. Bigfoot is real. Aliens are living among us. The Earth is flat. Because of this, you may have heard seller financed homes only benefit those that cannot purchase a home using traditional bank loans. But, the truth is owner financing can be for everyone — including the seller. Is seller financing right for you? Why Offer Seller Financing? Why Accept a Seller-Financed Deal? When a seller accepts monthly payments [...]

Is Seller Financing Right for You?2018-10-24T13:45:33-06:00
17 08, 2018

5 Seller Financing Myths You Should Be Aware of Right Now!


Seller financing is often misunderstood. Not because it’s a complicated process or because it’s impractical, but because it’s little talked about and not well known. Unfortunately, these seller financing myths (or lack of information) are stopping homeowners and homebuyers from using private mortgage notes as an alternative to traditional bank loans. Cutting the bank from the deal means the seller takes on the role of the lender. Rightfully so, this can be scary — both [...]

5 Seller Financing Myths You Should Be Aware of Right Now!2018-09-17T11:24:34-06:00
27 04, 2018

Seller Financing or Renting — Which One is Better?


You’ve moved out of your home and now the house sits empty. Now what? While rental properties offer attractive monthly income, there just might be a much better option. Here’s five reasons to offer owner financing instead of being a landlord… 5 Benefits of Seller Financing Over Renting Out Your Property All the Income Without the Maintenance Responsible landlords and rental property owners have endless lists of projects, repairs and regular maintenance tasks. [...]

Seller Financing or Renting — Which One is Better?2018-06-04T10:52:34-06:00
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