Note business financial professionalsPartnering with financial professionals is a great way to help us, help you.

Not only are you able to help your client, oftentimes you receive a referral fee…just for putting us in touch with a closing deal!

Are you in any of these fields or know someone who is? Let’s talk!

Real Estate Professionals

Let’s face it: if there is a property sold, a real estate professional is probably involved.

Not only do they see the sale, they know the details.

A real estate professional helps a deal come to closing by offering a note carry-back solution.

We can be involved at whatever stage you need us; from the beginning or even long after the deal has closed and the note created.

Matter of fact, now might be a good time to go back and look at your old deals. Did someone sell a property and carry back a note? There could be some cash in that deal for you!

Bank Loan Officers

No one likes saying “no” all the time. Especially when you might have a great client sitting across your desk looking to you for a solution.

Knowing a professional that purchases private carry back mortgages might be the solution your client needs.

There is no cost for us to look at the situation. Let us see if we can help!

Financial Planners

Oftentimes, people find themselves in a financial bind or needing extra cash to invest in an opportunity.

As a financial planner, you are looking for the best long-term outcomes for your clients.

Note buying can be very flexible.

It isn’t an all or nothing game. Your client may not need to sell the entire note. It is possible to sell ‘part’ of a note for the cash needed today, while keeping the bulk of the asset for the future.

Estate Planners

Like financial planners, people who handle someone’s estate are often in a situation where they need to understand the true value of an asset…or liquidate it at a fair market value.

There is no cost for us to evaluate a note, give you a cash-out value, and help with the closing of such a transaction.

We understand the delicate nature of transactions such as this. As professionals, we keep information confidential.


Anyone who is in a position to review someone’s finances.

Maybe this sounds like a broad categorization, but let’s be frank, if you are involved in any field that deals with other people’s finances, chances are you have come across a private mortgage note…and an opportunity.

It Starts With Contacting Us

Not sure if you have a deal? Just contact us. We will be glad to walk you through it.

Professionals need to stick together and working with someone in the note business you can rely on makes a difference!