How to Sell My Mortgage Note

13 03, 2017

Top 21 Reasons For Selling Mortgage Notes and Trust Deeds


When it comes to selling mortgage notes, people have many different needs and reasons to sell compared to others. Whatever the reason that you want to sell your mortgage note, you definitely have some options. In addition to private buyers and consultants, there are a variety of financial institutions that are eager to buy your mortgage note. Here at Equity First Funding, LLC, we work with numerous funding sources to get you the [...]

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1 03, 2017

The Owner Financed Note Players


Whether buying or selling notes, understanding the players in an owner financed transaction makes for profitable relationships. Here are the five main team members along with some standard industry terminology. Seller – Note Holder - Payee When a property seller accepts payments from the buyer over time using owner financing, they also become the note seller, note holder, or payee. The payee is receiving payments on a note or contract.  If the payee [...]

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18 03, 2016

Use Outside Closings To Sell Mortgage Notes!


Ready to sell mortgage notes? Protect yourself with outside closings! When an investor has performed their research and is ready to purchase a private mortgage note they will ask the seller to deliver original documents (note, recorded mortgage, etc.) and sign the transfer package. The Note Buyer The note buyer will want these original documents before the funds are released to the seller. The Mortgage Note Seller A note seller may understandably wonder, [...]

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17 03, 2016

Can I Sell Part of My Mortgage Note?


Owner Financing doesn’t have to mean waiting years or decades to receive money. Sellers have the choice to sell all or just part of their future payments for cash today. Option 1 – When note buyers purchase all the remaining payments on a land contract, mortgage note, or trust deed it is considered a full purchase. Option 2 – When the note buyer purchases just a portion of the [...]

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16 03, 2016

Learn the Value of Your Mortgage Note


Wondering just how much your mortgage note is worth? The value of a note or contract is affected by many factors including the: Down Payment Terms of the Note Buyer’s Credit Rating and Payment History Type of Property Sold and Its Current Value Since each transaction is unique, we offer a free note analysis based on your individual situation. Fortunately it is easy to obtain a free evaluation in 3 easy steps: Step [...]

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16 03, 2016

How to Sell Your Mortgage Note


Want freedom from collecting payments for the next 10, 20, or even 30 years? Prefer a lump sum of cash today? If you sold property with seller financing chances are you’ve wondered about selling the real estate note. Here’s how to sell a mortgage note, trust deed, or contract in 7 easy steps. Step #1 Request a Quote - Just complete a short informational worksheet to receive a free no obligation quote. This [...]

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