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30 09, 2019

Mortgages vs. Promissory Notes


When purchasing real estate with financing, you typically need to sign two specific documents to borrow money: a mortgage and a promissory note. In some states it is a deed of trust and a promissory note. For note investors and new homeowners, understanding the difference between the two documents can sometimes be challenging. Let's take a look at mortgages vs. promissory notes to provide a better understanding. Mortgages Vs. Promissory Notes: What's the Difference? Promissory [...]

Mortgages vs. Promissory Notes2019-09-30T15:10:35-06:00
21 08, 2019

What’s Happening with the Ohio Real Estate Market?


Whether you plan on purchasing real estate as an investment or as a personal property to live in, you will want to know the market. In fact, it helps you save time and money (and not to mention a few headaches) by: giving you an idea of how much you should spend on a home. helping you understand what others are buying and selling in your area. cluing you in on when to engage the [...]

What’s Happening with the Ohio Real Estate Market?2019-08-21T15:46:26-06:00
30 07, 2019

How to Increase the Value of Your Mortgage Note


If you’re reading this, then that likely means you’re considering selling your mortgage note for any number of reasons. If you are like a lot of people, you may be tired of collecting monthly payments over time and would prefer a lump sum of cash…today. Unfortunately, many mortgage note sellers receive low offers from investors. Leaving them (and you) stuck between a rock and a hard place. Why the low offers? Because, oftentimes, the note [...]

How to Increase the Value of Your Mortgage Note2019-07-30T11:04:10-06:00
26 06, 2019

Common Note Buying Terms


New to investing in real estate notes or wanting to sell your note? Don't get stuck on the language. To help you make sense of the real estate note world, we have compiled a list of common note buying terms. While there is more to investing than knowing the language, it's a significant first step and will help you focus on if the investment is right for you. Common Note Buying Terms While not a [...]

Common Note Buying Terms2019-06-26T09:17:46-06:00
31 05, 2019

5 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate Notes


When people think of the word "investing," images of Wall Street, stocks and rental properties may come to mind. But, what about real estate notes? While mortgage notes might not be the first thing you think of, there are plenty of reasons to invest in real estate notes including passive income, low up-keep, and versatility. But first, let's start with the basics. What is a Real Estate Note? At its core, a real estate note [...]

5 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate Notes2019-05-31T15:59:57-06:00
19 04, 2019

Buying Real Estate Notes in Michigan


Are you looking at purchasing real estate notes in Michigan? First off, welcome to the club! There are some wonderful advantages to investing in notes. As with any investment, doing your homework can save you big down the road. Not only will it help minimize risk, but it also leads to more profitable note purchases. It's all about understanding what type of note you're in the market for, understanding Michigan's Real Estate laws and performing [...]

Buying Real Estate Notes in Michigan2019-04-19T13:29:48-06:00
25 03, 2019

5 Referral Sources for Note Buyers


Before the Internet, word-of-mouth and a good reputation were the only two things that mattered. That's how you found the best restaurants and businesses and how new professional relationships were born. Well, that referral-based mindset is still very much present and essential in the world of private mortgage notes and note investing. Referral marketing is all about relationships, and these partnerships take time and care to develop. How to Build Relationships in Note Investing The [...]

5 Referral Sources for Note Buyers2019-03-25T11:21:32-06:00
27 02, 2019

How to Keep Your Real Estate Note Healthy


No one enjoys being sick. It's not fun and life just becomes harder. The same goes for an unhealthy real estate note. Luckily, your real estate note isn't susceptible to colds or flu. In fact, keeping your seller-financed note in good health is mostly within your power. So, here are a few tips to… Keeping Your Real Estate Note Healthy While it's important to set-up a note for success from the very start with a [...]

How to Keep Your Real Estate Note Healthy2019-03-05T13:55:38-06:00
30 01, 2019

Note Investing Versus Real Estate Investing


Over the years, you’ve probably heard about real estate investing and the elusive real estate mogul. While investing in hard real estate has significant advantages and money-making opportunities, so does investing in real estate notes. So, what’s the different between the two? And is there an advantage of one over the other? What Are Real Estate Notes? When a buyer purchases a home, traditionally they go to a bank to obtain a home loan. The [...]

Note Investing Versus Real Estate Investing2019-01-30T11:32:14-06:00
21 12, 2018

2019 Financing Tips for Sellers


As the calendar changes to another year, the dates may change, but the cycle of the real estate market always seems the same. The ebb and flow of housing sales seems to go from abundance mode to scarcity mode. The same is true for the availability of traditional bank loans as well as seller carry-back notes. Seller financing is always a solid strategy and, some years, due to economic conditions, is an essential tool for [...]

2019 Financing Tips for Sellers2019-01-02T08:28:56-06:00